Download the festival timetable to start planning your weekend or enjoy the full programme.

Welcome to the Children's Zone. Big Tent offers children and their parents workshops, performances, theatre, singing, dancing and craft all through the day. There's family den making with Fife Childcare & Early Years Services, a performance by the National Youth Theatre and for the wee ones, a Playbus packed with games and fun. And parents, let's remind you again - under 16s go FREE to Big Tent!! Here are some other highlights....

The Chipolatas

Much loved by Big Tent visitors, the Chipolatas will be leading up the great activity available for children and families. They'll be bringing their circus skills, theatre, music and dance to the festival - for the whole weekend - yipee!

Fischy Music

A concert each day by Fischy Music with uplifting songs dedicated to children - easy to learn, fun songs that are unique. Fischy Music have played at Big Tent several times and they are back by popular demand.

Scotch Broth

Scotch Broth is a one man's quest to reintroduce Scottish children's songs that many of us grew up with but have maybe forgotten because of the many diversions of modern life. Dennis Alexander will be reviving the Red Yo Yo, the Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede and Coulters Candy amongst many more. Lots of audience participation, laughter and great for both old kids and young. Appearing both days

The BarrowBand

Go bananas for bananas, listen to the trials of Wally Worm and sing-a-song about broccoli. The fantastic BarrowBand write, perform and sing songs about fruit, vegetable, animals and minerals for all people everywhere. The centre piece of the 'set' is an all singing and dancing fruit and veg barrow, that's a performance in itself. So take a fresh approach to the subject of low fruit and vegetable consumption and if this doesn't get the kids running for the fruit bowl, nothing will.

Kolonel Schnapps / Bierfest Oompah Band

Playing a variety of authentic Bavarian music - polkas, watlzes, marches - is Kolonel Schnapps/Bierfest Oompah Band. There is audience participation that includes Prosit (German toasts), conducting competitions, can can, hokey kokey etc. It’s good ‘thigh slapping’ and ‘foot stomping’ fun. With jovial compare interacts with the audience to ensure that there is something to keep everyone amused! Appearing Saturday on the Main Stage at 11.30am, the Family Theatre Tent at 3.45pm and wandering around the site putting a bit of oomp and a bit of pah back in to your lives.


Arborantics will be bringing a number of traditional games, including old flick-counter board games, giant ninepin skittles, bat the rat, toad in the hole, ring and bull, tug of war ... made of native woods.

Spinning Jenny's Circus Works

Visit the Circus Tent and learn some circus skills - such as juggling, spinning plates and walking on stilts. Great entertainment - amaze your friends and family with your newly found incredible talents!

Smelly Wellie Story Tellie

Chik Duncan doesn't tell stories, he always tells the truth. Oh OK, sometimes he makes the truth a wee bit more interesting. And he doesn't recite poems. He performs poyums, usually his own but sometimes other people's too. And if you're very unlucky he might sing at you as well. So you'll need to sing even louder to drown him out. Once on Saturday and then again on Sunday.

Cool Faces

Award winning face painters Cool Faces will be at the festival each day from 11am to 6pm. Parents, bring a chair, get comfy because your children will want to stand in this queue!

Craft Workshops

There will be a range of craft workshops for all the family including activities with the Ecology Centre and the Scottish Lime Stone Centre. Ecology Centre workshops will take place at the following times: 11.15am to 11.45am (5-8 years old) - nature games and activities; 12noon to 12.30pm (5-8 years old) nature games and activities; 1pm to 2pm (9-12 years old) - nature games and how to be a Planet Protector. Activities are free but need to be booked with the Ecology Centre as spaces are limited.

Recycling Workshops

Join artists Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittens for workshop activities making a rag rug from recycling plastic bins. What you help create will later be displayed in the MAC touring bus as part of the forthcoming tour, 'Welcome to the Kingdom of If - Art and Sustainability in Fife'. Organised by Fife Contemporary Art and Craft.


There's a great range of dance workshops at this year's Big Tent. Adele Reynolds will be bringing Dance-A-Story each day to the festival - this year it's a Lucky Dip Story Bag so bring an object of any sort along and we will weave it in to a story with movement! Enjoy a wake up, shake up first thing each day with a spot of Zumba dancing with local teacher, Pippa. There's belly dancing with Katra Tribal each day and a chance to slow things down with Nia Dancing.

Finally, on Sunday, get in the mood for Salsa Celtica with a demonstration of the Cuban Rueda de Casino (Cuban salsa wheel dance) with the Latin Quarter from Salsa Dundee. After the demonstration it's your turn to try as the group will show you some basic steps of salsa. The Latin Quarter raise money for street children who live in Peru and as well as shaking hips, they'll be shaking some buckets to raise money for this worthy cause. Download this information sheet to find out more about the project.


There will a whole host of storytelling throughout the weekend with Blether tay Gither. Blether Tay-Gither is a group of people who love telling and listening to stories, and bringing stories to the wider community. True storytelling happens when the story is told person to person, live, without print or technology, “eye to eye, mind to mind, and heart to heart.” (Scottish Traveller Proverb). Stories are one of the most basic ways that we create living links to our past and to people and cultures all around the world. And they are great entertainment for all ages! The emphasis in traditional storytelling is as much on the telling as the story. Stories are recreated by the teller at each telling and passed on through generations.

Storytelling in the Blethery tay Gither yurt takes place both days at 11am, 12noon, 1pm and 2pm. On Saturday at 3pm join all the storytellers for a session on woodland stories entitled “If you go down to the woods” and on Sundaty at 3pm all the storytellers will be again hosting a session of local stories called “ Fife’s Got A’thing”.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Little Red Hen and her Friends - puppet making workshop. The clever Little Red Hen is escaping from the fox. Listen to her story then make yourself a cuddly chicken, fierce fox or other favourite animal puppet. Lots of soft fabric, buttons, bows and sparkles to use! A gentle, fun workshop for younger children. The children get to make their own puppets and play with the puppeteer’s puppets. Each workshop takes around 45 minutes to an hour. Workshops at 10.45am, 1.45pm, 2.45pm and 5.45pm.

Junk Sculpture

Upward Mobility is a community arts project, benefitting adults with additional support needs. Join us in a wide variety of workshops for the young and young at heart! Our recycling-inspired workshops range from Relaxation, Storytelling and using ‘recycled’ jokes in our Comedy workshop, to ‘make your own’ artwork and musical instruments. We will also be presenting 2 exhibitions of sensory artwork, photography & film.

Fife Diet

Wild Food Walks (4 walks) Saturday 21st: 11am-12pm, 1-2pm, 3-4pm, 5-6pm

Our herb expert can offer practical talks on herb lore, plus the culinary or medicinal use of herbs. We can also offer wild food walks straight out of the Food Truck. Learn which plants are in season now and ripe for you to harvest.

The Magic Porridge Pot (3 workshops per day) Saturday 21st: 11.30 am, 1.30 pm, 3.30 pm Sunday 22nd: 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm

Why not come and stir the Magic Porridge Pot! Aimed at young children, the workshop lasts approximately 40 minutes and tells the famous folk tale, with a twist. The story is a delight for 4-8 year olds and focuses on the qualities of oats, our nourishing, indigenous foodstuff. As the story is told we make a large pot of porridge and then share a cup with the children.

For the adventurous

For the adventurous! Have you ever wanted to try rock climbing, but never had the opportunity? Try Climb-It Glasgow’s Rock Climbing Wall. The wall stands over 7 metres high and fully equipped with the finest climbing safety equipment. Climb It’s mobile wall is suitable for climbers of all ages, from 5 to 95 years old.

Find out what it’s like to perform like an Olympic Trampolinist in complete safety at our Bungee Trampoline. No matter how high you jump, no matter how many somersaults you make, you’ll always land upright in the centre of the trampoline.

For the wee ones

Play on Wheels will be bringing their Play Bus with lots of activities and a range of materials, toys and equipment for children to explore. There's an emphasis on using everyday items, scrap materials and loose parts.


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