2012 PROGRAMME information

No Big Tent in 2013 - this is 2012 information only.

Download the festival timetable to start planning your weekend or enjoy the full programme.

A world of change at Big Tent 2012 Big Tent has always run challenging talks alongside music and activities to engage heads, hearts and hands.

This year’s programme provokes thinking about the changes we need to make to make our world a better place - with a particular focus on folk and land. Think global, Act local is a key theme and we are celebrating the Year of the Cooperative.

A wee taste of talks and debate with freebies up for grabs (see full programme for more)

Saturday 21 July

1100 Are politicians doing enough to protect Scotland’s environment with MEPs Catherine Stihler and George Lyon? Hosted by the European Parliament

1200 Scotland’s forests: going local (Oak Yurt) with the Forest Policy Group

1215 Craft, culture and community – craft-makers and key thinkers on sustainable craft

1300 A thousand huts - with Lesley Riddoch, Andy Wightman, Carol Craig, Gerry Loose and Jane Davidson (formerMinister of Sustainability and Environment in Wales)

1330 The National Tree Collection Scotland – with Tom Christian of RBGE

1430 Food, farming and the future – with author Colin Tudge, farmer Pete Ritchie, Prof Maggie Gill, farming journalist Andrew Arbuckle & Nuffield scholar Michael Blanche

1500 Should car-sharing be the future of motoring? Hosted by SEStran

1600 How well off are we? – Kenny McBride on Oxfam Humankind index for Scotland

1600 Land, life and livelihoods with John Hutchison (John Muir Trust/Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust), Daye Tucker (farmer), Andy Wightman (land campaigner), Sarah Skerratt (SAC), Andrew Bruce Wootton (General Manager of Atholl Estates).

1700 Dissent Entrepreneurs with Nick Wilding, Peter McColl, Laurie Penny, Adam Ramsay

Sunday 22 July

1100 Bees, beavers and biodiversity - debate some of the hottest topics in the biodiversity world! With Colin Tudge,
Johanna Willi, Paul Ramsay, Michael Smith & Norton Millar

1200 Handbook of Scotland’s Wild Harvests: launch with Fi Martynoga & Emma Chapman

1300 What makes Fife, Fife? What distinguishes it from other regions? And what if anything marks out a Fifer? Chaired by broadcaster Lesley Riddoch. Speakers: Authors Ian Rankin and Aileen Paterson with audience participation.

1400 Heritage, hardship and hope – with Prof Christopher Smout, Debbie Mays, Neal Ascherson, Paul Jardine, Alex Woolf and Tom Morton

1400 Fife Diet Food Manifesto – with Fife Diet founder and director, Mike Small

1500 Slow Food - making connections across the planet with Daniel Gotts

1500 Scotland’s Democracy hosted by the Electoral Reform Society

1600 One Small Step: Final session on WHAT CAN WE DO next? Lesley Riddoch